1Password 7 for iOS: iPhone X/Face ID support, iPad keyboard shortcuts, Quick Copy & more

Developer AgileBits today released 1Password 7 for iPhone and iPad, a major update to its popular secure password manager app.

The new version brings support for the iPhone X screen form factor and the new Face ID facial recognition system, allowing you to easily unlock your vaults with a simple glance.

“Simply tap to launch 1Password and Face ID instantly recognizes your face and unlocks. No waiting, no delays; just instant, secure access to your private information,” notes AgileBits.

Developers are claiming a 33 percent performance increase across the board and a 400% increase in stability throughout, with a selection of productivity-boosting keyboard shortcuts now available to 1Password users on iPad.

A Favorites screen gives you quick access to your recently-used items. And with Quick Copy, you have a faster way to get information from 1Password into the places you need it.

iPad keyboard shortcuts

“For some of us, we’re never more productive than when our hands stay locked on the keyboard,” says AgileBits. “Taking a cue from our big sibling on macOS, we’ve now brought over a bevy of beautiful keyboard shortcuts to 1Password for iOS.”

If you use Apple’s Smart Keyboard, another keyboard cover or a wireless Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad, hold down the Command (⌘) key to see the list of keyboard shortcuts allowing you to search, switch tabs and open/fill items in the browser with the stroke of a key.

Quick Copy

The new Quick Copy feature simplifies entering your username and password into another app when you need to log in. With Quick Copy, the app knows when you’ve copied your username and automatically puts your password on the clipboard when you’ve pasted the username.

And if you’re using 1Password to generate two-factor verification codes for apps, it will also copy that for you after you’ve pasted your password.


1Password 7 includes a plethora of under-the-hood tweaks and bug fixes, such as:

  • The ability to select and delete multiple items at a time
  • A more responsive and easier to use password generator
  • A setting for enabling PIN code unlock on devices that support Touch ID or Face ID
  • The ability to save images to Photos from within 1Password
  • A new 1Browser shortcut (long-tap on the tab bar)
  • Revamped empty Categories and Organize screens
  • A tweaked, flatter app icon

To see the full set of release notes, visit app-updates.agilebits.com.

1Password for iOS is a free download from App Store with various monthly subscription options, annual membership and a pro upgrade available through the In-App Purchase mechanism.

How do you manage your passwords and secure notes on iOS?