Apple dismisses engineer who let his daughter vlog about iPhone X

Last week, we got one of our first looks of an iPhone X, courtesy of Brooke Amelia Peterson, who happens to be the daughter of an Apple employee. He worked as a radio frequency engineer on the iPhone X, and while Brooke was visiting last month, he gave her an early look at the device. She filmed it, and last week, shared that video on her YouTube channel.

As it turns out, Apple wasn’t especially pleased with this, and requested Brooke remove the video, which she did.

Unfortunately, it didn’t end there, as Apple has since fired her father for this breach.

While Brooke reasoned that many other bloggers had shown off the phone in countless videos, this isn’t really the issue at heart. Apple can’t set a precedent that it is fine for employees to show off pre-release devices, let alone have them filmed. Those devices also often contain confidential pieces of information that could easily be leaked through a haphazard video such as this.

Brooke broke the news of her father’s dismissal in another vlog she shared on her YouTube channel.

It isn’t likely that her dad is going to be getting his job back, though he seems likely to land on his feet. Brooke makes it clear that they are all doing fine, her dad will be ok, and they understand Apple’s position. He knows he broke his NDA and accepts the outcome, which seems like a positive take on the experience.

What do you guys think? Do you think Apple was right in firing her father, or should they consider giving him his job back? Sound off below.