Video: watch how easy it is to switch apps you use most on iPhone X

iPhone X relies on a simple upward swipe gesture to bring up iOS 11’s task switcher, which lets you cycle through your recently used apps by swiping left and right.

But there’s an even more intuitive gesture to switch apps on iPhone X.

Although Apple’s Craig Federighi showed it in action briefly during the iPhone X keynote, thanks to a hands-on video posted to Twitter by HalideCamera designer and Pictogramagency founder Sebastiaan de With, we now have a better idea of how it works.

To cycle between your recently used apps, you just swipe left or right along the bottom area of the screen. The transition from one app to another is also nicely animated.

Here’s Craig’s on-stage demo of this feature.

You’ll still need to use the traditional card-based app switching interface to access your recently used apps that you haven’t opened in a while, but this is a major productivity boost for cycling through apps you use the most on your iPhone X, from anywhere in iOS.