Vision transforms your Home screen icons into moving 3D shapes

Looking for a unique way to spice up that jailbroken device of yours? Then look no further than a new jailbreak tweak called Vision by veteran iOS developer Elias Limneos.

Vision gives your Home screen icons a three-dimensional makeover and makes them responsive to movement. Best of all, the effects provided by the tweak are fully customizable.

As you can see in our examples above, Vision has a slew of different three-dimensional shapes you can choose from; six in total. To respond to movement, Vision takes advantage of your device’s accelerometer and gyroscope sensors, like so:

Your app icons have the freedom to rotate a full 360º, so your wrist is the only thing limiting their range of movement.

Vision also adds a preference pane to the Settings app where you can configure the tweak:

Here, you can do all the following:

  • Enable or disable the tweak on demand
  • Choose the 3D shape you wish to use:
    • Cube
    • Sphere
    • Donut
    • Pill
    • Capsule
    • Heart
  • Choose the scrolling effect:
    • None
    • Rotate
    • Rotate and morph
    • Solar system
  • Reflect light back at you from the 3D icons
  • Enable compatibility with themes
  • Hide or show app icon labels
  • Enable a motion blur for scrolling between Home screen pages
  • Configure the sensitivity of your icons’ motion based on sensor data

All options you configure will take effect without respringing your device; that said, you can check out the changes you make immediately to ensure you like what you see.

Because Vision is GPU-heavy, it won’t run as well on older devices. Limneos says that the tweak works on iPhone 5 and later, but I personally wouldn’t run it on anything slower than an iPhone 6,. If you experience unwanted slowness, try disabling things like light reflection and motion blur to reduce the strain on system resources.

Obviously, the tweak isn’t for everyone. If you’re heavily invested in the world of cosmetic customization, or themes, then you might be more interested in Vision than the guy who only jailbreaks to add new functional features to iOS.

Overall, Vision is a fun and quirky tweak to make any jailbroken iOS 8-10 device stand out from the rest, and if you’re interested in trying it out, you can download the tweak from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $2.99.

Are you a fan of the 3D effects provided by Vision? Share in the comments section below!