Hands on with Twelve South’s Inspire [mac candle N°2] – video

Last year, popular accessory maker Twelve South released their infamous “new Mac” scented candle. It was a hotly gifted item and stirred up quite a bit of controversy on whether or not it did smell like a new Mac. This year, the candle is back in the form of Inspire [mac candle N°2]. This is an entirely new scent, and no longer tied to a new Apple product.

This new scent is supposed to smell clean, fresh, and to help inspire a new idea.

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When I first opened the box, I immediately smelled the strong scent of the candle. It only gets stronger once you light it. It isn’t overly powerful, to the point it is obnoxious, but it is definitely on the strong side.

I also noticed the new container, which is a significant departure from the glass jar of last year. I can easily see myself keeping this little jar around after the candle has run its course. Twelve South says it is a custom vessel, just for their candle. I feels like a porcelain type material that is hefty and sturdy, but not something I would want to drop.

The scent of the candle definitely aligns more with what Twelve South says this year than last year. It for sure smells clean, with some citrus, the slightly herby smell of tarragon, and a little bit of musk. It is very pleasant smelling, and my girlfriend (who buys a lot of candles) was decidedly a fan.

Also new this year, a portion of each purchase goes to help FIRST, a STEM related charity. They help create educational and career opportunities in the science and technology fields.

The candle is 100% soy based, and should burn for 60-70 hours, which is up from last year. The candle is available only for a limited time, so if you’d like to pick one up for yourself, or for a great holiday gift, you can pick it up over on Twelve South’s website for $29.99.

Yes, it’s just a candle, but with proceeds going to charity, and the popularity of the previous iteration, I’m sure it will sell fast. What do you guys think? Is this something you may pick up? Let us know below.