iPhone X tidbits: Lock screen shortcuts, Dock, Control Center & more

Although we’ve already written a lot about iPhone X there are still some aspects to it that we haven’t explored in detail, especially its Lock screen and Home screen experiences.

9to5Mac uncovered interesting iPhone X tidbits from Xcode 9.1 beta, which released yesterday.

The new Xcode includes a more fully-fledged iPhone X Simulator that gives us a peek at the handset’s new Lock screen and Home screen experiences, as detailed below.

Home screen

  • The iPhone X Dock is limited to four apps, the same as standard iPhones, and sports an iPad-like design that follows the rounded corners of the physical screen.
  • The persistent thin bar at the bottom of the screen gently animates up and down, hinting at the new way of unlocking the handset.

Like with standard iPhones, the Dock is limited to a total of four apps.

Lock screen

  • The “Press to open” text on the Lock screen has become ”Swipe up to open.”
  • You get two quick shortcuts at either side on bottom of the Lock screen, Flashlight and Camera, that can be activated by pressing firmly with 3D Touch.

The Control Center indicator in the top right corner.

Control Center

  • A pull-down indicator in the top-right corner tells you that the iPhone X Control Center is invoked by pulling down on the right side of the status bar.
  • When invoked, the Control Center interface relocates the carrier and battery percentage icons from the notch to the area just below the notch.

While the new Xcode simulator is in beta and a bit rough around the edges, it does give us a better idea what iOS 11 will look like on the edge-to-edge rounded screen of iPhone X.

The iPhone X Lock screen has 3D Touch shortcuts for Flashlight and Camera.

We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop with additional information about iPhone X as we inch closer to the scheduled November 3 launch. Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on the overhauled Lock screen and Home screen experiences on the X?

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