Grab IKEA’s furniture placement app and see for yourself why ARKit is such a big deal

IKEA’s ARKit-driven furniture placement app, aptly named Place, is now available to download from App Store free of charge, allowing you to virtually place furnishings in your space.

If you’re on iOS 11 and have an iPhone or iPad powered by Apple’s A9 chip or newer (all iPhones from iPhone 6s onward), do yourself a favor and download this gem of an app right now and see for yourself why ARKit is such a big deal.

Using ARKit for things like scene understanding, plane detection and lighting estimation, the app lets you pick among more than 2,000 items in IKEA’s catalog, from chairs and tables to sofas and storage solutions, and drop them in the augmented reality view.

You can then rotate true to-scale objects with your finger, move them around and walk around them with the device in your hand to see how they might fit in your living space.

Check it out in action.

This is one of the best use cases for ARKit I’ve seen so far.

This isn’t just some technology showcase app—with IKEA Place, you are actually able to make an informed buying decision. Even if you don’t intend on buying anything from IKEA, the app is still worth checking out to experiment with how good design can transform your living place.

Download IKEA Place for free from App Store.