Faster wireless charging coming to new iPhones later this year

Apple’s new iPhones ship with wireless charging, but it’s limited in software to a slower charging speed. Thankfully, support for a faster 7.5W wireless charging is on the way.

Jim Dalrymple of The Loop has noted in his review of the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus that a software update slated for release later this year will bring fifty percent faster wireless charging to both the iPhone 8 series and the upcoming iPhone X.

Having tested his review unit with a Mophie Wireless Charging Base, Dalrymple said:

I usually charge my iPhone using a fast charging adapter, so it’s very quick. If I have 45 minutes before I’m heading out, I can plug in my phone and get a great charge before I leave.

That’s not what wireless charging does on an iPhone 8—it provides a slower charge, equal to that of the 5W USB Power Adapter that Apple provides with the iPhone. That will increase slightly later this year with a software update from Apple, but for now, that’s what you get.

9to5Mac’s Jordan Kahn has corroborated that a software update will enable 7.5 watts charging, which is good news given many charging mats already support faster wireless charging at 7.5W. He says he was able to charge his iPhone 8 from completely dead using Mophie’s wireless charger in about three hours (iPhone 8 Plus took about 3.5 hours).

New iPhones also support a fast charge feature via the USB-C Power Delivery specification.

Sadly, you’ll need to purchase a USB-C Power Delivery-compatible wall brick and a Lightning to USB-C cable to enjoy faster charging over the wire because the new handsets ship with the same old USB-A cable and Apple’s 5W power brick like prior iPhones.