Apple TV no longer needs the USB-C port because you can connect to it wirelessly

On the latest Apple TV 4K, Apple ditched the USB-C service port, which led many to speculate how one could install apps, connect to Xcode, take screenshots, and perform screen recordings. It seems Apple has forgone the wire, and instead adopted a wireless solution instead.

Apple has clearly been on track to remove the need for almost any cables. They’ve adopted new technology for wireless charging, wireless headphones, etc. Xcode 9 now lets you wirelessly connect your Apple TV to perform many of those common developer functions.

In fact, you can take screenshots, install apps, run diagnostics through Instruments, utilize Console, and use the Accessibility Inspector. My favorite feature is the ability to grab screen recordings through Quicktime. This is helpful for devs and their demo videos, as well as those trying to demo tips on the Apple TV.

The USB-C port was short lived, only arriving on the Apple TV with the 4th generation.