This ultimate ARKit powered measuring app will blow you away

Remember that simple yet effective measuring tape demo done with ARKit, Apple’s new framework in iOS 11 for building augmented reality experiences? Wait ’til you see this one…

Developer Rinat Khanov is working on an utterly impressive ARKit-powered app, aptly named MeasureKit, that turns your iOS device into the ultimate tool for measuring just about anything.

But unlike the aforementioned measuring tape demo that requires you to hold a real ruler over the surface, this app requires no such trick—simply point your device’s camera at any object you’d like to measure up and let the app work its magic.

It’s just like a real ruler, only a lot better and way more fun.

I especially like a cube feature where you drop a 3D cube wireframe onto a surface and resize it to match an object like a desk or a sofa to get a quick readout of its dimensions. Then, you simply move the cube to another spot in your room to see if the object will fit in there.

Getting a quick readout of a person’s height is another cool feature of MeasureKit.

But MeasureKit’s bag of tricks doesn’t end there: you can use the app to also measure distance to points or angle between two points, with a Trajectory feature allowing you to measure anything simply by moving around with a device in your pocket.

What makes all of the above feasible is ARKit’s incredibly sophisticated and accurate tracking with 1mm precision. If you’d like to try out MeasureKit ahead of its release later this month, be sure to sign up for a beta at

Are you blown away by this demo?