Apple’s iPhone 8 media event is scheduled for 10:00am Pacific Time on Tuesday, September 12. Each event is announced using media invitations that quickly make their way around the web. Using imagery available for the event, our community is always quick to create inspired wallpapers to celebrate the occasion. Within hours, I was flooded via @jim_gresham with submissions for our Wallpapers of the Week category. Thanks to all of our loyal readers and shout out to my followers for coming through in such a short timeframe!

iPhone 8 event wallpapers

Each of the images below is an original creation by the mentioned artist. If you love one in particular, make sure to give them a big ‘thanks!’

We need iPhone 8 specific wallpapers

This is a perfect time to highlight my “Call to Action” for iPhone 8 wallpapers. When the new device launches, we will want to take full advantage of that nice OLED display. However, there are no iPhone 8 sized wallpapers available… yet! This is where you come in. Take a look at my iPhone 8 Wallpaper Call to Action post from last week. In it you will find details about our plans to have iPhone 8 wallpapers ready, even before the device gets to us on September 22 (rumored). If you have any questions, find me on Twitter, or follow along for details.

Download by @AR72014: iPhone

Download by @AR72014: iPhone 

Download by @RealApplePro: iPhone Black; iPhone White; iPad Black; iPad White

Download by @zheano: iPhone

Download by @Quentin_IOS: iPhone (slightly smaller logo)

Download by @AJavier_E: iPhone; iPad; Desktop 5k

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