Hypno Cam, Mix, Trips, and other apps to check out this weekend

This week’s edition of our Apps of the Week roundup features a fun video editing app, an app for discovering new and interesting content, and an app for sharing your travel experiences. And as always, we’ve picked two great new games for you to check out.

Hypno Cam

So Hypno Cam is a new(ish) app that enables you to quickly and easily add cool effects to your videos. The app automatically scripts your clips with effects, music, and edits synced to the beat. You don’t have to be an expert videographer to create awesome videos—Hype your Instagram and Snap stories with the push of a button. New “scripts” are added every week, and there is a beta developer program for folks who want to create their own. For what it’s worth, the app has 4.5-star on early reviews. Hypno Cam is available for free.


Mix is a new way to discover and curate interesting content you find on the internet. I know, this sounds like the same pitch we’ve heard from dozens of other apps, but Mix is worth checking out. The app uses an algorithm to feed you interesting and relative content, and its beautiful, minimal interface will keep you swiping for more. Use the special ‘Mix’ button to save and share the things you like, watch videos in-app, and more. Mix is available for free.


Explore every day with Trips by Lonely Planet — a beautiful, simple and intuitive way to share travel experiences. Upload photos and videos to your timeline, then share your trip with your friends, family and fellow travellers. Discover new places, be inspired by stories from the Lonely Planet community and start planning your next adventure. I know there are a lot of these kinds of apps out there, but the early reviews say this is a great way to document your trips or view others’ trips. I think it’s worth checking out. Trips is available in the App Store for free.

Titanfall: Assault

Standby for Titanfall! Experience freedom on the Frontier battlefield in a new mobile RTS that redefines the genre with fast-paced action and intense PvP battles. Put your combat skills to the test by unleashing a powerful arsenal of Titans and Pilots, including units from Titanfall 2 plus brand new specialized units only for the mobile game. Deploy Sim Ninja, Boomer, Ion, Scorch and more onto the battlefield to fight for control of the Frontier. Unite and destroy. And lead your forces to victory in The Frontier War. Titanfall: Assault is available for free (with some IAPs).

Swim Out

Dive into the relaxing and refreshing atmosphere of Swim Out, a strategic, turn-based puzzle game, that will transport you into a sunny day by the swimming pool, the river or the sea. Plan each of your strokes wisely and be sure to never cross any other swimmer’s path if you want to peacefully enjoy the sea view on a cosy chaise-longue. There are over 100 levels to play and 12 different types of swimmers. If you’re a fan of puzzle games, this one is definitely worth checking out. Swim Out is available for free.

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