Wallpapers of the week: colorful abstract vibes

Every Sunday, you will find a new photo quality image collection for the iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week section. Among some reader favorite genres, including galaxy, geometric patterns, and naturescapes, abstract imagery is a chart topper in our wallpaper list. Today’s set will certainly please!

Colorful wallpapers

Like many of our collections, this set was tipped to us by iDB reader, @LeeMifsud. Thanks, Lee! He pointed us in the direction of an incredible wallpaper gallery by graphic artist @Axellvak. The following images are original creations and only a small subset of his work. Below are a few hand-picked images, that have been converted to .jpg from .png to reduce file size for our site. Additionally, the resolution was modified to 72 resolution. If you are looking for desktop versions, much larger file sizes, or more great images, check out the full online gallery.

If you have an amazing collection, know about one we should feature, or want some mid-week downloads, catch up with me via @jim_gresham.

Download: SUMMER VIBES MIAMI ED v1 for iPhone


Download: R A Y S for iPhone

Download: O P T I M U S for iPhone

Download: M A N O R for iPhone

Download: M A R V I N for iPhone

Top image via placeit.net