Live Photo Wallpapers for iPhone with Wally Papes

One of my favorite features of iOS is the ability to take Live Photos. It is shocking how drastically different a memory expresses itself over 3 seconds, as opposed to a single instance in time. I frequently find myself going back through a photo album, to play through each Live Photo.

Launching with the feature, came the ability to set Live Photos as wallpapers, both on the Lock and Home screens. However, there is really no great way to share Live Photos as posts on the internet. Dave Gorum comes to the rescue with Wally Papes, a curated collection of Live Photo wallpapers for your iPhone.

Wally Papes

Gorum, an avid nature photographer enthusiasts, creates beautiful .gif photography for his movement-based web gallery (seriously, check it out). Here is an image he took in Monte Verde, Costa Rica:

With the example above, you should be excited to see what he has created for wallpapers. To access a small gallery of Live Photos for your device, download the Wally Papes app. It is a curated list of images photographed by Gorum, which he hopes to update regularly! I am looking forward to seeing additional images. The skill required to capture these photos is incredible. Here are a couple more, of what you can find in the app, but of course, imaging them moving.

If you are looking to contribute to the Wallpapers of the Week section, please connect with me @jim_gresham, sharing tips, tricks, or photo quality downloads.

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