Siri design patent updated to include smart glasses, making hotel reservations & more

Apple’s Siri design patent in the European Union and Hong Kong has been updated ahead of today’s live-streamed WWDC keynote to also cover “smart glasses” as a category. As noted by PatentlyApple, the patent now lists “smart glasses” under the “remote control for” category.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo gave the rumored standalone Siri speaker a 70 percent chance of being formally unveiled during the keynote presentation, but he had nothing to say about any kind of Apple-branded smart glasses.

A sketchy report that appeared on Reddit this weekend, attributed to an alleged Foxconn insider, leaked more info about the purported Google Glass-like augmented reality accessory.

Apparently code-named “Project Mirrorshades,” the glasses are said to include polarized or prescription lens with smart optics from German maker Carl Zeiss, noise-cancelling microphones, a light sensor, bone-induction modules, an accelerometer sensor for tracking steps and head movement, magnetometer for navigation, a capacitive panel on one side, a ceramic battery, an Apple-designed chipset and more.

The bone conducting modules would presumable allow for Siri command and hands-free phone calls, among other features. The poster mentions there’s a 65 percent chance that the project is cancelled so take the report with a pinch of salt.

Another new entry covers making hotel reservations. Siri can currently make a reservation at a restaurant, but not a hotel. The Cupertino technology giant is expected to announce plans today to make Siri work with a larger variety of apps, Reuters reported yesterday.

The updated patent is no guarantee that Siri could be used to control the rumored smart glasses or that Apple’s voice assistant could play a major role in its augmented reality plans.

All shall be revealed in less than an hour and a half.

Any predictions?