iPhone 8 concept roundup: Part I

Conceptual renderings and mockups of iPhone 8 have been increasingly feeding the rumor-mill in the absence of leaked components, to the point where they’ve become a major part of the excitement surrounding unreleased Apple products.

Taking rumors at face value, talented 3D artists and CAD addicts conceptualize what Apple’s next handset might look like. More often than not their work is off the mark, but some of the concepts we’ve seen thus far are plausible and give us nice food for thought.

We asked our resident video editor Andrew O’Hara to create a short video summarizing some of the conceptual iPhone 8 renderings we’ve featured thus far here on iDownloadBlog.

Without further ado, watch our video roundup of iPhone 8 concepts and mockups.

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The video features work by these artists and publications:

Part 2 of iPhone 8 concept roundup will explore additional iPhone 8 concepts.

On a recent conference call with Wall Street analysts and investors, Apple CEO Tim Cook has attributed what he believes to be “a pause” in iPhone purchases to the rumor-mill and leaks that have been proliferating earlier than usual this year.

“We’re seeing what we believe to be a pause in purchases on iPhone, which we believe are due to the earlier and much more frequent reports about future iPhones,” he said.

How do you like the conceptual artworks and 3D models highlighted in Andrew’s video? Which is your favorite one, and why? Which one will we see, if any, come this fall?

Let us know by posting a comment below.