Amazon new hands-free camera judges your outfit in comparison with others

Online retail giant Amazon today introed a hands-free camera which has been specifically designed to judge your wardrobe choices in comparison with others. Dubbed Echo Look, it features built-in LED lighting, depth sensing, machine learning and Alexa-driven voice features.

Working in conjunction with the free mobile app for iOS and Android, it lets you snap a photo or shoot a short video of your outfit with a simple voice command. Data from the onboard depth-sensing sensor lets the device blur out your background to focus on your wardrobe.

With a Style Check feature that combines machine learning algorithms with advice from fashion specialists, the user gets a second opinion on which outfit looks best on them, rating their current look and providing alternate choices.

And if you submit two photos, you’ll get a second opinion on which outfit looks best on you based on fit, color, styling and current trends. This feature uses a percentage bar that tells you what outfit works better in the moment and what fits better on each individual user.

“Over time, these decisions get smarter through your feedback and input from our team of experienced fashion specialists,” explains the company.

Echo Look also helps you discover new brands and styles inspired by your lookbook, which is basically a user-uploaded gallery of photos and videos of your daily outfits.

The company explains:

Take full-length photos or short videos so you can see a 360-degree view of your outfit. Use the app to create a personal lookbook, browse your outfits, and use computer vision-based background blur to make your outfits pop.

Echo Look supports many common voice-activated features found on Amazon’s other Echo devices. For instance, you can ask the camera to read the news and audiobooks for you, set alarms, get traffic and weather updates, control smart home devices, play music and more.

As a bonus, you can use thousands of Echo Skills such as Starbucks, Fitbit, NPR and more.

Echo Look is priced at $200. The accessory does not have an official release date yet, but you can sign up for updates at

Source: Amazon Fashion on Twitter