Let’s Talk iOS 181: Behind the curve?

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After honoring the launch of the original iPad, Cody and Sebastien discuss the new Samsung Galaxy S8, its design, its features, its shortcomings, and its appeal. The guys also talk about the iPhone 8 and answer questions from listeners.

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Show Notes

iPad launch anniversary

Galaxy S8

Here’s everything Samsung unveiled last week

Galaxy S8 biometrics can be tricked by a headshot


Listener question: Diogo asks: Which features the next iPhone should “borrow” from galaxy S8?

iPhone 8

Barclays: iPhone 8 to sport 3D sensors on both front and back

Volume production of Apple-designed A11 chips for iPhone 8 kicking off in April

Barclays: 2017 iPhones will have True Tone display

Listener question: @conedisonflow asks: do you think iPhone Edition will have enough features to justify $1000 price tag ?

Luigi asks: What if they called it the “Apple Phone” removing the i in iPhone. Why do I think they would do this? They have been progressively changing their naming schemes since the “Apple Watch” and now they have of course “Apple AirPods” “Apple TV” “Apple Music” “Apple Pencil” etc.

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