You can now search over a million unique Stories on Snapchat

Snapchat users can now search over one million unique Stories on the ephemeral messaging service, the company said Friday.

“We’re rolling out Stories in Search starting today in select cities and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do,” said the company.

To find a Story that might interest you, simply enter a keyword in the Snapchat for iPhone‘s search field to instantly see relevant Stories.

They’ implemented this feature due to the sheer volume of Snaps created by the community. As the number of Stories added to the app’s curated Our Stories feature exploded, something had to be done to help people discover great content.

According to the team:

Our Stories have provided behind the scenes Snaps from interesting events all around the world—from the field of the Super Bowl to the summit of Mount Everest! Over time, the number of Snaps that were created by our community and added to Our Story simply overwhelmed our curation team—and inspired us to create something new.

Here’s Stories in Search in action.

Using machine learning, the system “understands” what’s happening in Snaps submitted to Our Story. To paraphrase Snapchat, the results have been nothing short of amazing and users can now search over one million unique Stories on the service.

This is a welcome, but long overdue feature.

I’m on Snapchat, but I rarely use the app because, aside from other reasons, finding interesting content from people not on my list became virtually impossible. This little feature addition should help fix those issues and make the app more pleasing to use.

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Source: Snapchat