Apple co-sponsors security conference BSides

In another telltale sign proving that Apple’s involvement in academic research and publishing related to security and privacy has been increasing as of late, the company is now publicly listed as one of the sponsors of the information and security conference, called BSides. Apple’s name now appears on the conference’s sponsor page alongside other companies like Google, Dropbox, Fitbit and more. Held today and tomorrow in San Francisco, the two-day event is centered around technical discussions aimed at security engineers and their affiliates.

According to a tweet by the official BSides account on Twitter, Apple yesterday provided breakfast and lunch meals to attendees. Aside from free food and contributing sponsorship, the company’s additional support for or involvement in BSides, if any, is currently unclear.

HackerOne and Fitbit are the event’s leading sponsors.

BSides is a source of “education, collaboration, and continued conversation for information technologists and those associated with this field,” to quote the official description.

Check out what’s on the agenda at the official website.

Source: BSides