Flibpoard 4.0 brings personalized Smart Magazines & more streamlined experience

Remember Flipboard, an iPhone and iPad app originally conceived as a news reader before it got rebranded as your social news magazine? If you still care about the app, you’ll be pleased to learn they just announced a major new version with a more streamlined experience and personalized Smart Magazines tailored to your interest. Flibpoard users have created more than 30 million magazines since the app’s inception in 2010.

The mobile Flipboard app currently includes news content and articles from thousands of publishers scattered across tens of thousands of different topics.

Flipboard 4.0 organizes your favorite stories in one place while allowing new users to dive right into articles with minimal setup. The Smart Magazine feature is basically a new way to organize curated stories into continually updating and personalized collections.

As always, the algorithm learns from what you follow, heart and add.

Up to nine user-created Smart Magazines appear in your Home carousel. Everything else you’re following on Flipboard, as well as search and other features, is now located behind your avatar in the top right.

Check out Smart Magazines in action.


To tell Flipboard about the content you care about, swipe left to add your interest from the list, like Photography. Now pick what kind of photography you like, tap Done and Flipboard will instantly create a Smart Magazine based on your input.

A Smart Magazine conveniently clusters similar stories together.

To see related magazines you’re already following, simply tap on the black bar with the title of your Smart Magazine. You can also build your own custom magazine by creating a personal or group magazine where you can add your favorite stories and include content from any source, person, publication or hashtag you like.

To learn more about Smart Magazines on Flipboard, read this help article.

Flipboard is a free download from App Store.

Source: Flipboard