BeatsX earphones briefly showed as in stock in select Apple Stores ahead of launch

Following a recent delay of Beats X Bluetooth earphones with Apple-designed W1 wireless chip, they briefly showed as in stock in select Apple Stores this morning suggesting either an imminent launch (not very likely) or limited availability later this week (more likely). The earbuds use a flexible cord that lets them hang around your neck when not in use. Announced at the September 2016 iPhone 7 event, the accessory sports 8-hour battery life, a Siri-compatible RemoteTalk with built-in playback controls and a Lightning port for charging.

And with Fast Fuel technology, BeatsX customers will be able to get approximately two hours of playback time with a quick five-minute charge.

As MacRumors reports, new Apple retail stores across the east coast have gained BeatsX stock, but some quickly reverted to listing them as “Currently Unavailable.” This leads us to believe that BeatsX will launch later this week in select Apple Stores and that stock is likely to be limited at launch.

Use iStockNow’s BeatsX activity tracker for up-to-date availability information.

Apple’s in-house designed W1 chip, found in AirPods, Beats Solo3, Powerbeats3 and BeatsX audio products, enables significantly longer battery life and smart pairing features on Apple devices.

The $149.95 accessory, available in Black or White, can be ordered through in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany and other markets.

Source: iStockNow BeatsX Activity Tracker via MacRumors