In Snapchat, you can now create Snapcodes that launch websites

Snapchat’s mobile application was updated on App Store this morning with a new feature that allows business accounts and individual users to create a Snapcode for any website. When you friends snap your QR code, they’ll see an option to open the website inside Snapchat for iPhone. Snapcodes require Snapchat 10.1 for iOS, a free download from App Store. Oh, and Snapchat’s parent company just filed for an IPO with the SEC, as per The Wall Street Journal.

While this feature should become a hit with small business owners who can now generate scannable codes for their websites as a way of increasing user engagement, just about anyone can make a Snapcode for any website (it doesn’t have to be yours).

This new feature was rolled out shortly after Snapchat launched a redesign for its app.

To scan a code (i.e. to add other Snapchatters or unlock content on Snapchat), point your iPhone’s camera at a Snapcode, then press and hold on the screen within the app.

To create Snapcodes for your favorite websites, open Snapchat’s settings interface, tap Snapcodes, then tap Create Snapcode. Now enter the URL of the website you want to link to and tap the Create button. You can also create Snapcodes on the web.

To add an image to your Snapcode, tap the code and drag, zoom or rotate the image to center it the way you like. Don’t forget to tap the Save button or your changes will be lost. If you’d like to update the code’s link or appearance, tap Edit.

Keep in mind that you cannot add an image to your profile’s Snapcode.

Creating a new Snapcode for your account is even easier in Snapchat’s web app.

To send a link to your Snapcode to a contact or share it as an image, hit the Share button in the top right corner. Needless to say, you can paste your Snapcode into chats, social media posts and more.

To save the code as an image, tap Save to Camera Roll.

Your own Snapcode is located in the center of the Profile screen. All Snapcodes you make get stored in My Snapcodes along with the Snapcode for your account.

Snapcodes on individual profiles have been available since January 2015 as a way of following people without needing to type in usernames or search through contacts.

For those wondering, Snapcodes are based on a technology Snapchat picked up when it acquired On a related note, Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, just filed for a $3 billion initial public offering with the SEC.

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