The Iconfactory releases minimal drawing app Linea with full Apple Pencil support

Developer The Iconfactory today announced it’s releasing Linea, a brand new $9.99 iPad drawing app that’s specifically optimized for Apple Pencil users. Why does the world need another iPad drawing app? According to The Iconfactory, Linea focuses on the simple act of sketching.

It’s based on a minimal user interface that doesn’t inundate you with extensive controls fond in other apps which get in the way when you’re trying to figure out where to start.

Linea generates tints and shades automatically so you don’t have to though you’re free to choose from a variety of pre-defined colors or customize colors with a single tap.

The app supports layers in a simplified form that developers claim is easy to understand and quick to manipulate. “Once you start using Linea, you’ll realize that it has a great advantage over a traditional sketchbook,” they noted.

Doing away with a predefined grid, Linea gives you several choices like standard graph paper, dots, isometric guides and more. It’s not just for random sketching—Linea includes templates for quick storyboarding, iOS app icon design and development.

And when you’re ready to export your work, Linea’s lets you select which part of your drawing you’d like to share through iOS’s multi-purposed sharing panel.

You can erase a drawing in Linea with a finger swiping, no tool switching required.

Here’s the complete set of features available in Linea:


  • Technical Pencil—Hard lead, thin lines. Pressure sensitive.
  • Classic Pencil—Soft lead, thick lines. Pressure sensitive.
  • Felt Tip Pen—Thin solid lines that vary in opacity with pressure
  • Wide Tip Marker—Fat solid lines that vary with pressure
  • Eraser—Clean up your work with a finger touch or pressure sensitivity


  • Always on-screen & easily available
  • 2 banks of pre-defined colors + 6 tints & shades each
  • Auto-generation of tints and shades
  • Creation of custom color sets
  • Hue/Saturation adjustments


  • 5 flexible layers
  • Easily merge & clear
  • Drag & drop to rearrange
  • Opacity adjustment

Grids and Templates:

  • Traditional grids in lines & dots
  • 3D isometric grid
  • Storyboards – 16:9
  • iOS UI
  • iOS Icon design

Backgrounds and paper textures:

  • Turn paper grain on/off
  • Standard paper grain
  • Butcher’s paper
  • Black construction
  • Blueprint


  • Layered Photoshop PSD
  • Transparent PNG
  • Flattened JPEG
  • Save all or just a portion of each drawing
  • iOS Share sheet support
  • Export to Slack, Dropbox, Airdrop & more

Project management:

  • Organize drawings in project folders
  • Share, rename and remove drawings / projects
  • Thumbnail previews of drawings save time


  • Undo—Two-finger tap to quickly undo
  • Redo—Three-finger tap to quickly redo
  • Pinch / Zoom with angle and zoom %
  • Rotation Compass so you always know which way is up
  • Tap Compass to reset rotation angle & zoom %

While Linea works without a stylus, it’s specifically optimized for Apple Pencil. The Iconfactory says that Linea’s built-in gestures make it the perfect companion when you need to take notes, diagram or sketch.

To learn more about Linea, check out video samples on the official website or visit the Linea Knowledge Base for commonly asked questions and answers.

The app requires an iPad Pro, iPad Air or iPad mini 2 or later with iOS 10.0 or later.

Grab Linea for iPad from App Store for $9.99.

Source: The Iconfactory