Have any Health information at a glance with HealthFace for Apple Watch

HealthFace Watch

The developer team at Crunchy Bagel has taken the wraps of HealthFace, a product designed to assist regulars of Apple’s Health app in monitoring their vital data on the fly. HealthFace is capable of reaching deep into your personal Health catalogue and displaying virtually any data point in form of a complication on your wrist.

For users constrained to keeping a close eye on their vitals, food intake or other health related parameters, the app sets out to become a quasi extension of Apple’s Health app.

HealthFace App Demo iOS

Once downloaded to your iPhone and Apple Watch, HealthFace presents itself in a tidy and clear look closely resembling Apple’s own Watch app. This makes it all the more easy to find your feet and pick up the mechanisms of the app, which comprise of three simple steps to cook up the most detailed Health complications on watch possible to date:

After launching the app on iPhone, HealthFace auto detects your current Watch faces and offers to create up to two Health complications per face wherever it applies (circular small and utilitarian large). Having selected the face and complication style, users have the absolute freedom to browse through any of Health’s rubrics (Activity, Nutrition, Body Measurements, Sleep, etc.) and peg a desired metric as a new complication for your wrist. What’s more is that said metric can be benchmarked against a target goal (e.g. sleep hours, maximum caffeine intake) and further calibrated in terms of date range, units, icons and more.

HealthFace App iOS

As far as usability goes, WatchFace really excels because it does not boast unnecessarily complex layers within the app or anything one would regard as clutter. At the same time, it manages to offer a lot in the customizability department, which is not only slick but also absolutely crucial for users that have to painstakingly track certain items for medical reasons.

In line with the theme of simplicity, the watch’s only purpose in the equation is to display the Health data set up on iPhone – a tap on the corner complication is not going to inflate or detail the icon’s information. Before jumping the gun and calling it plain though, consider this: a strong point of difference to other apps is the aforementioned ability to display two HealthFace complications on the same Watch face, which again can be imperative for people encouraged to watch more than one Health variable over the course of the day.

HealthFace Watch

At this point you should know whether or not you have a use case for HealthFace. It succeeds at bridging the existing gap between your Apple Watch and the Health app by providing a window for Watch into the deepest depths of your Health data. As we have come to know with Health, new data is either entered manually through Apple’s app or transmitted automatically if you own a smart health device (iHealth SmartGluco Monitoring, Smart Scales, Sleep Trackers). For $0.99, HealthFace is a solid client to relay any of that data in real-time from Health to your wrist.


HealthFace is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and Apple Watch and requires iOS 10.0 and watchOS 3 or later. Find HealthFace for $0.99 in the App Store.