AT&T’s new Call Protect system blocks spam calls

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AT&T on Tuesday introduced a new service for automated fraud and spam call-blocking. They’re calling it Call Protect, and the system works like an email spam filter—identifying numbers believed to be associated with fraud and either blocking them or flagging them with a warning.

Also like other spam filters, users will be able to whitelist specific numbers to rectify any false positives, and even set temporary call blocking for unconfirmed spam calls. These more granular controls will be accessible from the Call Protect companion app on iOS and Android devices.

AT&T says the feature is completely free, but there are of course a few prerequisites. In order for a customer to activate Call Protect, they’ll need to be on a postpaid wireless plan (so no prepaid), with an iPhone or Android handset, and they must be in an AT&T HD Voice coverage area.

“Nuisance calls are an industry-wide problem that unfortunately affect many people,” said AT&T SVP of Device and Network Services Marketing Jeff Bradley. “We’ve listened to our customers and know they want a network that provides tools to proactively assist in blocking nuisance calls.”

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Source: AT&T