How to enable and use Truecaller on your iPhone

Truecaller on iPhone

Truecaller is among the most popular caller ID and call blocking apps. It helps you identify unknown callers, offers spam protection, and more. In this brief tutorial, we will show you how to set up Truecaller on your iPhone and use it to identify unknown numbers who call or message you.

How to automatically delete junk emails in Mail on Mac

Junk emails inside the Mail app on MacBook

Junk emails, spam, and trash pile up over time in your Mail app and can take up unnecessary space. But who has the time or even remembers to go in and clean out those mailboxes? Instead of doing it manually, you can set the Mail app to routinely remove those unwanted messages for you.

Here’s how to automatically delete junk emails in Mail on Mac.

How to view full email headers in the Mail app on Mac

Full Email Headers on Mac Mail

Email headers contain important details that you may want to view at some point. You can find out the originating and destination email addresses, the path the message takes, the servers the email passes through, the dates and times of the activity, and much more.

These types of details are helpful in tracing messages, investigating spam, and troubleshooting.

So, if you are interested in this information, here’s how to view full email headers in the Mail app on Mac.

Apple works on eliminating call spoofing on iPhone

incoming call

It looks like Apple could finally be getting serious about helping to eliminate nuisance calls on iPhones. A new Apple patent for “Detection of Spoofed Call Information,” targets a specific type of calling that has become increasingly annoying in recent years.