In November, App Store captured highest monthly sales ever in its history

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According to Phil Schiller, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, the App Store last month enjoyed the highest monthly sales ever since its inception in the summer of 2008. “November 2016 was a record breaker for the App Store—the highest monthly sales ever in its history,” reads the tweet.

Although Schiller didn’t provide any hard numbers, in just two weeks during last year’s holiday season the App Store raked in a massive $1.1 billion revenue from sales of iOS apps and In-App Purchases.

Apple normally keeps thirty percent of all App Store proceeds to itself, including those made from sales of In-App Purchases, though it’s recently created a new 85/15 revenue split model for renewable subscriptions after at least one full year of service.

In other words, after a subscriber has accumulated one year of paid service the developer can keep 85 percent of renewable subscription proceeds versus the 70:30 percent split within a subscriber’s first year.

Here’s Schiller’s tweet.

Fun fact: November also saw us passing 1,070 days since the last MacPro update and 770 days since Apple updated the Mac mini.

Unfortunately, the Mac App Store continues to be Apple’s black sheep that disappoints with its sandboxing requirements, lack of paid upgrades and other missing features.

Actually, it’s this sad state of the Mac App Store that’s creating ample opportunities for developers like MacPaw. Based in United States and with offices in Ukraine, MacPaw yesterday began beta-testing a new app-subscription service.

Called Setapp, it gives you unlimited access to nearly 50 high-quality Mac apps for as long as you’re paying a flat monthly fee of $9.99.

Source: Phil Schiller on Twitter