Black and white wallpapers for macOS and iOS

ar72014 black and white top splash

Every Apple operating system comes with great stock images. From iOS to macOS, the images always inspire. While recently, the GM versions seem to be launching fewer and fewer stock wallpapers, the ones included are always very popular.

In today’s Wallpapers of the Week collection, you can find several of the stock photos, modified into black and white. The set is great for your new matte or jet black iPhones, but the images’ contrast will look great on any iPhone screen.

Apple wallpaper mods

The collection of mods was sent our way by iDB fan favorite, @AR72014. By simply removing the color, the collection looks great!

If you would like to submit images, have wallpaper tips, or simply want to score a wallpaper or two during the week, follow along @jim_gresham via Twitter.

AR72014_black and white full mock

Download from left to right: iOS; iOS; macOS; macOS

AR72014 black and white mountain splash

Download: iOS 8

ar72014 black and white mock

Download: iOS 10

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