Join Microsoft’s Skype Insider initiative to beta-test upcoming features

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Microsoft is launching a new Skype Insider initiative which invites users to download pre-release builds and test upcoming features before they’re rolled out to everyone.

Microsoft already has similar programs available for Windows and the Xbox and now Skype users can sign up online at the Skype Insiders registration form. If you decide to participate in the program, you will be permitted to install pre-release builds of Skype alongside your current version of the app.

As a Skype Insider, you’ll enjoy early access to Skype software and services updates and improvements, give early feedback to the team and submit your suggestions on what you would like to see in the Skype app in the future.

The current pre-release build of Skype for Mac available via the Skype Insider program includes such upcoming features as emoticon search and improvements to call forwarding and voicemail.

Sign up for Skype Insider now if you’d like.

By signing up to the program and installing the Skype Insiders application, you confirm that you agree to the Skype Insider Program Terms.

“Please remember while we’re really excited to share with the folk who sign up, we don’t want to spill the beans to anyone outside of this program and so please keep it a secret,” notes Microsoft.

Skype Insider is available to iOS, Android, Mac and Windows users of the app.

Source: Skype