Apple releases iTunes 12.5.3 with stability and performance improvements

itunes update

Apple on Monday evening released a new version of iTunes, bringing the desktop media software to version 12.5.3. As you can see in the screenshot above, the update features stability and performance improvements and specifically fixes for known album playback and lyric issues.

Oddly enough the change log is a word-for-word match of that from last week’s iTunes 12.5.2 release, so it’s unknown what the differences are between the two builds. It’s possible this update fixes some for of critical bug found in 12.5.2, which would explain the rapid turnaround.

As always, we recommend updating to the latest version of iTunes for security and performance reasons. And you can do this from the Updates tab in the Mac App Store or from within the iTunes app by clicking iTunes in your Mac’s menu bar and navigating to “Check for Updates.”