StickyCaps retains your caps lock when switching keyboards

iOS 7 Siri Keyboard

StickyCaps is a new free jailbreak tweak in Cydia that aims to make using the caps lock function on the keyboard ‘sticky’ so you can switch between other keyboards on your device without the caps lock function automatically disabling itself.

The tweak was made in response to a Reddit request and if you’ve typed with caps lock on your iPhone before, then you’re probably familiar with this situation.

When you type with the caps lock turned on and then switch to a third-party keyboard or use the special character keyboard, you will find when you switch back to the stock keyboard that your caps lock will be turned off, which forces you to re-enable it manually if you wanted to continue typing in caps:

StickyCaps Before

After you install StickyCaps, you can switch to any third-party keyboard on your device or open the special character keyboard while you have your caps lock enabled and when you switch back to the stock keyboard, the caps lock will remain turned on:

StickyCaps After

For the most part, you probably won’t find yourself in this scenario too often, but with all the typing I do on my iPhone, I can recall a few times where I have been.

Typically, it’s when I’m talking in all caps to express anger to someone and have to put punctuation in between, or when I have to enter a password that contains both caps and symbols and I have to jump back and forth between the text and special character keyboards.

Since it’s probably not often you use caps lock, you won’t notice this tweak in action all that often, but it’s a subtle change that can help enhance your user experience when you need to type in all caps and use Emojis, punctuation, or third-party keyboards for the same sentence.

StickyCaps is available as a free download for your jailbroken iPhone in Cydia’s BigBoss repository today. The tweak will work on all iOS 9 devices.