Apple’s rescheduled earnings call could hint at unveiling of new Macs around October 27

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Apple originally told investors it would be publicizing its quarterly earnings report on Thursday, October 27.

Curiously, a notice posted on the Apple Investor Relations website earlier this week has moved up the upcoming earnings call with Wall Street investors by two days to Tuesday, October 25, over what Apple describes as a simple “scheduling conflict”.

Longtime Apple reporter Philip Elmer-DeWitt speculates that the move might mean that Apple could be planning to hold a launch event for new Macs on October 27.

For sure, there must be a good reason for moving up the already scheduled earnings call by two days. It’s interesting that Apple already rescheduled its second fiscal 2016 earnings report so its executives could attend the memorial service of the Silicon Valley icon and former longtime board member Bill Campbell, who died at age 75 in April 2016.

9to5Mac’s Ben Lovejoy offers another reason for changing the date of the earnings call:

Apple doesn’t want its shiny new Mac launch to be overshadowed by what are likely to be disappointing iPhone sales. So, a Mac keynote on the Tuesday followed by the announcement of declining sales on the Thursday would lead to a brief celebration followed by gloom.

Doing it the other way around presents a story of challenges followed by the excitement of what we all expect to be a significant revamp of the MacBook Pro, perhaps accompanied by a new MacBook Air, iMac and 5K display (and maybe a new Apple TV for good measure).

For what it’s worth, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman recently reported that Apple may be gearing up to refresh Macs and launch a 5K-capable standalone display this month.

Source: Philip Elmer-DeWitt