IBM unlocks all the server-side capabilities now available in Swift 3.0

Swift 2 new features

In February 2016, IBM promised to bring Apple’s new programming language Swift to the cloud. Today, the firm has made good on that promise with the introduction of Bluemix Runtime which allows developers to write server-side code for iPhone, Mac and Windows PC apps in Swift.

“Swift is now ready for the enterprise,” Mike Gilfix, IBM’s Vice President of MobileFirst and Smarter Process, said in an interview with Mike Gilfix of Computerworld.

“Apple is smartly creating great digital experiences and I think they know that great digital experiences mean unleashing tons of innovation from the community overall,” he said. ”Swift is one of the drivers for a first class mobile experience. There’s incredible developer energy around it and Apple has made it its focus.”

The new IBM Bluemix Runtime for Swift makes it easy for developers to take advantage of Swift 3.0 to build microservice APIs on the cloud and been made possible by Apple’s decision to make Swift open source.

Developers who write enterprise apps for iOS, macOS or Windows in Swift can now take advantage of IBM’s tools to write server-side code in Swift, too, and support IBM’s cloud services. As a result, enterprise apps can now be written in native Swift code from end-to-end, client-side to server-side, on the IBM Cloud.

Source: IBM via Computerworld