Here’s a new “Meet the new Home Button” step in iOS 10 installer on iPhone 7


With less than 24 hours left until first iPhone 7 shipments start hitting customers’ doorsteps, YouTuber Marques Brownlee has put together a nice unboxing video featuring both new black options for the device, a supper glossy variant called Jet Black and its matte counterpart, referred to by Apple as simply Black.

The video offers interesting observations regarding the RAM, CPU performance, non-moving Home button and a new “Choose Your Click” Home button option.

A few quick observations:

  • There’s a new step added to the iOS 10 installer, headlined “Meet the new Home Button” which asks the user to “make your iPhone experience even more personal by choosing the click that’s right for you” by choosing among three degrees of haptic feedback to simulate clicks. You can adjust haptic feedback for the Home button later in Settings.
  • After running synthetic Geekbench test on the iPhone 7 Plus, Marques was able to confirm that the 5.5-inch device indeed has 3GB of RAM needed for processing image data from the two cameras, while the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 has 2GB of RAM like the iPhone 6s.
  • The box contains the usual stuff: in addition to the device itself, you also get Apple’s usual paperwork, a wall adapter, Lightning cable, a pair of Lightning EarPods as well as a new Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter.

Here is the unboxing video, I’ve set it to automatically start at mark 3:04 at which Brownlee begins showing the newly added step just for the Home button.

If you want that super glossy iPhone appearance and haven’t pre-ordered your device yet, you’re probably in a tough spot right now as Apple yesterday confirmed that Jet Black iPhones have completely sold out and won’t be available at its retail stores for walk-in customers until new shipments arrive.

After watching the video, I am now entirely convinced that—despite it being a fingerprint magnet—I’m definitely going to go with a Jet Black iPhone, wear and tear be damned.