Shipping estimates for iPhone 7 pre-orders quickly slipping

shipping slipping

It’s just been half an hour since Apple’s new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus handsets went on sale, and shipping estimates for select models have already dropped dramatically. The average delivery window now seems to be 4-6 weeks out, with the AT&T iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black simply showing “November” for the expected shipping date for both storage configurations.

Folks who weren’t able to get their order in before the inventory cleared out have a few options. You can try ordering a full retail handset from a different (compatible) carrier, like T-Mobile/AT&T, or you can wait and try your luck at your local Apple Store, carrier, or authorized retailer on launch day. Just plan on camping out in line on the night before September 16.

If you can stand it, though, you’re probably just better off ordering and waiting. Apple indicated earlier this week that opening weekend sales were going to be severely supply-constrained, so it’s likely these handsets are going to be low in inventory, no matter where you look. But hey, here’s hoping it can ramp up production and significantly beat these lengthy estimates.

Did you order a new iPhone this morning? What’s your shipping estimate look like?