Apple unveils wireless AirPods: $159, pairs automagically with iPhone and Apple Watch

Apple AirPods

With the removal the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has answered many kinds of concerns with the all-new Apple wireless AirPods.

AirPods are basically a wireless Bluetooth version of Apple’s EarPods, but they have a lot of breakthrough technology built into them, including Apple’s new W1 chip.

One problem with Bluetooth headphones in the past was a slight delay in sound transmission between video on the screen and sound being heard in your ears, but AirPods eliminate this problem with the W1 technology, which ensures constant and reliable transmission of sound.

AirPods battery case

AirPods have a lot of smart tech built into them, which make them a useful accessory for anyone who uses Siri frequently. For example, a built-in microphone and accelerometer work together so you can double-tap on the AirPods while they’re in your ear to activate Siri on your device.

Special infrared sensors are also a part of Apple’s AirPods, which are capable of sensing whenever they’re in your ears or not. If they are, they’ll become ready to start playing sound, but when they detect that the AirPods aren’t in your ears, they’ll stop playing for maximum battery life.

iPhone 7 and airpods

Speaking of battery life, Apple claims up to 5 hours of battery life before they need to be re-charged again. They charge wirelessly inside of their carrying case, which in itself has 24 hours of battery life.

AirPods seamlessly transfer between your Apple devices, and can be used with your Apple Watch, iOS devices, and even your Mac. iCloud helps keep your devices in sync and keeps your AirPods paired with just your devices.

AirPods price availability

AirPods will be available in late October for $159.