Where Cards Fall from Alto’s Adventure creators gets its first trailer

Where Cards FAll teaser 002

Back in March, we told you about a promising upcoming game, titled Where Cards Fall—a collaboration between Alto’s Adventure developer Snowman and LA-based studio The Game Band. Today, they shared with us their first-ever trailer for the game and it’s definitely worth a quick watch.

Even though the video doesn’t reveal much about game mechanics, we can tell from it that Where Cards Fall is going to have atmospheric look to it. The game will task you with building and re-building various structures in different ways using cards and today’s trailer shows off some of its eye-candy visuals.

Here’s the video.

The idea for the game was conceived four years ago by Sam Rosenthal as a fun school project at the University of Southern California. The original concept was inspired in part by the Radiohead song “House of Cards”, but it’s since evolved and now incorporates a powerful coming of age story about the wistfulness of adolescence.

By the way, Rosenthal also created puzzles for Disney’s popular puzzler Where’s My Water? and designed characters for Activision’s Skylanders series.

“The houses of cards become homes for characters, platforms to traverse, places to visit and so much more,” Rosenthal told The Verge. “After building them, you can knock them down and build them again in a different way.”

Where Cards Fall teaser 001

Rosenthal met game designer Ryan Cash in 2013, who at the time had an early version of Alto’s Adventure up and running. They quickly wound up working together on Where Cards Fall and have been on it full-time since last year.

Where Cards Fall is being described as a dreamlike journey through youthful uncertainty.

“It’s a big departure from what we did with Alto’s Adventure – a narrative-driven game where players recreate memories, and travel from tranquil parks to towns in the sky,” Snow’s Ryan Cash told me via email.

Count me excited!

The game is coming in 2017. Additional information about Where Cards Fall, as it becomes available, will be published on the official website. We’ll make sure to keep you in the loop about this highly anticipated release from Snow.