Initialized lets you know if your semi-untethered jailbreak was correctly intialized

Initialized jailbreak

The new iOS 9.2-9.3.3 jailbreak from Pangu has been all the rage over the weekend and into this week, and one of the things that stands out most about it is how it’s a semi-untethered jailbreak.

For those who want to make sure their jailbreak is being initialized correctly after each reboot, Initialized is a new jailbreak tweak that notifies you every time your jailbreak is re-initialized.

The point of Initialized

When you reboot your semi-untethered device, your jailbreak tweaks and Cydia are going to be dead and useless to you until you re-run the Pangu app that was installed on the device itself. When you do, your device resprings after the jailbreak becomes re-initialized.

Because there’s no notification or anything of that sort when you reboot your device and because you’re probably used to unethered jailbreaks by now, you may or may not forget that Cydia needs to be re-initialized. With this new jailbreak tweak, you’ll know if your tweaks are active or not because you’ll either get the notification when it turns back on, or you won’t.

When you do, you’ll know that Cydia has been re-initialized successfully. This is because it’s a Cydia Substrate jailbreak tweak, and the only way it’s going to be able to show you any notification at all is when Cydia Substrate is actually running on your device.

If it doesn’t show up upon rebooting your device, that should be a good reminder for you that you need to go in and perform the Pangu app’s re-initialization process.

How it works

Whenever you reboot your device, Cydia, Cydia Substrate, and all other important jailbreak add-ons are going to be in a dormant state until they’re re-activated by the Pangu app. Since all Cydia Substrate tweaks are going to be inactive when you reboot, you won’t typically see this notification on your Lock screen after a reboot.

What you want to do is make it a habit of yours to look for the notification, because when you do, you will know that Cydia Substrate is up and running, which means your jailbreak tweaks are too.

After you run the Pangu app, you should then see your device respring, and immeidately after, you’ll see a notification like the one above on the Lock screen that says, “Initialized: The Jailbreak has been initialized. Enjoy!”

The tweak really has no functional purpose other than to remind you that your jailbreak is up and running again, but for those who are just getting used to the semi-untether concept, it might be good to have for the time being, at least until the habit is picked up.

Wrapping up

For what it is, it’s nothing more than a notification to let you know if your jailbreak has been initialized correctly after a respring or a reboot.

For me, an experienced jailbreaker, it seems like redundant information, but I think some newer users who aren’t yet used to the concept might enjoy the notification because it’s one that provides the peace of mind that everything’s working again after running the Pangu app.

If you want to grab Initialized, it’s available for free in Cydia’s BigBoss repository and supports iOS 9.2-9.3.3.

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