Wallpapers of the week: swirling color

amir_khani5 splash

Continuing the Wallpapers of the Week section is a passion. Each week, we get to present you with the best wallpapers found around the Net. Whether pop culture related, naturescapes, or satellite images, the weekly posts is geared to provide photo quality images for your favorite iOS devices.

Recently, iDB readers and community members have been helping populate the section by catching up with me on Twitter via @jim_gresham, where I communicate with other wallpaper enthusiasts. Today’s selection of colorfully augmented natural scenes is the result of these interactions.


The below collection was created by @amir_khani. Follow him to see his latests works and you can be lucky enough to download them from his timeline. Thanks, Amir, for letting us highlight your latest walls!

@amir_khani iPhone Wallpaper 5

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@amir_khani iPhone Wallpaper 4

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@amir_khani iPhone Wallpaper 3

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@amir_khani iPhone Wallpaper 2

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@amir_khani iPhone Wallpaper 1

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Top image via placeit.net