Rumor: iPhone 7 packs in a notably stronger battery than iPhone 6/6s

iPhone 6s promotional videoi battery 001

A sketchy Weibo post claimed two months ago that the next iPhone would arrive outfitted with a slightly stronger battery than the iPhone 6s. Today, prolific leakster OnLeaks gave us a more specific information as to precisely how bigger the iPhone 7’s battery might be in comparison to the current iPhone 6s/Plus and previous-generation iPhone 6/Plus.

According to his Twitter post, the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 will have a 1,960 mAh battery, comparing very favorably in terms of sheer specs to both the 1,715 mAh package found in the iPhone 6s and the 1,810 mAh battery in the previous-generation iPhone 6.

A bigger battery in most cases results in a longer run time before the handset needs to be connected to power. Having a fourteen percent bigger battery than the iPhone 6s should help the iPhone 7 squeeze out an additional hour of run time.

That’s without factoring in other power savings stemming from an Apple-designed, power-sipping ‘A10’ system-on-a-chip, fewer chips on the iPhone 7 logic board and software-related optimizations.

In terms of the numbers, you’re looking at the following:

  • iPhone 7—1,960 mAh
  • iPhone 7 Plus—2,810 mAh
  • iPhone 6s—1,715 mAh
  • iPhone 6s Plus—2,750 mAh
  • iPhone 6—1,810 mAh
  • iPhone 6 Plus—2,910 mAh
  • iPhone 5s—1,500 mAh

Take this story with a grain of salt—the leakster cautions that he couldn’t guarantee that the information was 100 percent accurate despite receiving it from a trusted source.

I wonder if this iPhone 7 battery increase is a result of the removal of the headphone jack, which takes a lot more space inside the device than most people imagine.

Source: OnLeaks