Hyper, Falcon Notes, Meep, and other apps to check out this weekend

Apps to check out this weekend

This upcoming Monday is the 4th of July, which for many folks means a 3-day weekend. So if you find yourself with extra time to spare over the next few days, be sure to check out the latest edition of our weekly Apps of the Week post. This week we have apps that show you popular videos from around the web, offer a pleasant note-taking experience and more.



Hyper, Apple’s Best of 2015 video app, landed on the iPhone this week. For those unfamiliar with the title, Hyper gives you access to 10 top videos from around the web every day. Videos are handpicked by a team of award-winning filmmakers, and are even available offline. Bringing it all together is a beautifully designed interface. Hyper is available for free.

Falcon Notes


Folks in the market for a new note-taking or Markdown app should check out Falcon Notes. It has this very simple, minimalistic design with both light and dark themes, and it offers a ton of features. Some of the more notable ones include previews, search, code highlighting, and support for iPad’s side-by-side mode. Plus, you can sync all of your notes across iPhone, iPad and even Mac (yes there is a Mac app). Falcon Notes is available for $4.99.



Listen to the websites you love, with Meep. The app has a team of professional narrators that read stories aloud about your favorite topics such as sports, politics, celebrities and current events. The app is free, and you can listen to up to 50 stories per month. But to get more than that, you’ll have to subscribe via an IAP ($7.99/month for 250 credits). I’m not necessarily a fan of this model, but the concept is really cool. Meep is available for free.

CSR Racing 2


If you haven’t tried out CSR Racing 2 yet, you should definitely do so this weekend. Let’s get all of the bad stuff out of the way first. It requires an Internet connection and it is littered with IAPs. That being said, the game offers everything you’d want from a next-gen racer. The graphics are incredibly realistic, there are tons of real cars to choose from that of course are upgradeable and customizable, and you can race against friends and other opponents in real time. This game is available for free.

Neo Turf Masters


Arcade classic Neo Turf Masters is back, in a brand-new mobile version with touch controls. In the game, players compete as one of six international golfers on various courses worldwide. You choose your club, analyze the wind direction, and find the best path to finishing each hole in as few shots as possible. Other features include multiplayer and gamepad support, Leaderboards, new save system and more. This game is available for $2.99.

More apps you should check out

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