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Opinions are like Home screens; everyone has one.

Because the Home screen is one of the most-used parts of any iPhone, and because people are always in search of cool new apps to download, it seemed appropriate for me to share what I have on the first page of my Home screen and talk about why I use what I use.

Following suit with my other colleagues here at iDB, I’ll be sharing mine as well.

The minimalist of all minimalists

One thing you can tell about me from looking at my iPhone’s Home screen is I don’t like changing things much. I’m not huge on customizing my stuff, and honestly, I don’t know why. All I can really say is I am a minimalist and I like to keep things that way.

One thing you can tell is that my daily driver, which is an iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 9.3.2, is not jailbroken. I keep it as stock as can be. On the other hand, there are a variety of third-party apps I like to use that I am happy to discuss.

I have only two Home screen pages; the first is completely full, and the second is only almost full and contains a single folder full of apps I don’t use. Although I won’t be talking about the apps I have stored in my folder, I will talk about the rest of my apps that I have installed.

The apps I use and why: Page 1

I have no real order to my apps, but I can say that I like to keep themĀ in places on the Home screen where I’m familiar with so that when I unlock my iPhone, I can quickly have the muscle memory to go to the spot where I know the app always is and tap on it without having to search for it.

These are the apps I keep on my first Home screen page and use regularly:

Messages: need I say more? It seems pointless to have an iPhone if you can’t message people, and I do a lot of that, so that’s app #1 on my Home screen.

Calendar: to be honest, I hate the iOS Calendar app. I much prefer Fantastical 2, but the real perk to having the app on the Home screen is you can simply glance at the app icon to see what the date is.

Photos: I take a lot of photos, so I like to have quick access to them. So here they are!

Camera: it made sense to me to put the Camera app right next to the Photos app, and really, putting it where it makes it easy to get to the app and snap a quick picture.

App Store: my go-to place for finding new apps. I like to have this on my front page so I know when I have pending app updates.

Clock: I use the Clock app mostly for alarms, but it’s on my Home page so I can see the seconds in the time from the app icon itself. I work on cars a lot, so when I disconnect my battery and need to reset my car’s time, this app icon is useful for timing the clock down to the very second.

Notes: I jot things down all the time to remember stuff, so it’s easy to get to where it is.

Contacts: I’m always adding new people to my contacts because I like to keep friends and business partners in the loop.

Facebook: more than just for keeping in touch with friends, I manage social media for my day job, so this app is a must. Free

Facebook Messenger: because I like to keep in touch with my Facebook friends. Free

Twitter: to keep in touch with the jailbreak community and follow developers to make great tweaks, I have Twitter. Free

Slack: the best way for me to keep in touch with my buddy Sebastien and my other iDB colleagues. Free

Amazon: I order stuff. A lot. Leave me alone; I have a buying problem. Free

Ebay: for when Amazon isn’t enough, sometimes I find great deals on Ebay. Once again, I have a buying addiction, especially for Jeep parts. Free

PayPal: we all need to get paid somehow. Free

Discover: for managing one of my favorite credit card issuers and seeing my balance. Free

YouTube: I like watching videos. Most of the time, I am looking up how to do stuff to repair cars because I simply can’t afford to take my vehicles into the garage every time something makes a squeak. Free

Shazam Encore: almost every time I go somewhere, I hear something I want to know the name of, and this app helps with that. Here on my first Home screen page, it’s super easy to access the app and tag music. $6.99

Deliveries: since I have a buying problem, I also have a complimentary tracking problem. I like to know where my purchases are, and this is hands-down my favorite delivery-tracking app. $4.99

Screens: my absolute favorite VNC software for Mac; this lets me control my Mac’s screen while I’m away. $19.99

Settings: bruh, everyone’s gotta configure their device.

Google Maps: I like Apple Maps, but in my opinion, Google Maps will always be the best. It has never steered me wrong, and I do a lot of driving. Free

Yahoo Weather: my favorite third-party weather app because it has so much interactive information about the weather outside. Free

Skype: I honestly don’t use this app that much, but I keep in touch with my ex-coworkers with this app. Free

Phone: I don’t always call people, but when I do, I use the Phone app (don’t you too?).

Safari: I search for so much stuff, and all third-party web browsers pretty much suck. I like the speed and reliability of Safari.

Mail: for my many email contacts for my many needs, Apple’s mail app is my go-to.

Music: I actually just signed up for Apple Music not too long ago after my student discount for Spotify expired. I still miss Spotify’s streaming quality, but it’s nice to have streaming from a native iOS app now.

The apps I use and why: Page 2

Anthony Bouchard Featured Home Screen 2

MacID: I’ve talked about MacID over and over with you guys; it’s my favorite way to unlock my Mac using Touch ID. $3.99

Dropbox: I use Dropbox as a way to keep my files accessible on the go. Free

Fantastical 2: I use Fantastical instead of the Calendar app to keep up with dates and events. Its UI and feature set are so much better than Apple’s Calendar app. $4.99

Reeder: I like to keep up with news in the Apple world, and I do that with Reeder. $4.99

iTunes Movie Trailers: because I don’t watch much TV, I never know what movies are in theaters without this app. Free

Wallet: I use Apple Pay. It’s great. At least, it is when stores actually support it…

Calculator: for those tricky every-day calculations you always seem to have to make.

Voice Memos: I rarely use it, unless I want to record somebody talking to prove them wrong when they say they said something and didn’t.

Maps: as a backup for when Google Maps doesn’t work, which is basically never.

Watch: I love my Apple Watch, so I configure it here.

Shopkick: I find it fun to earn rewards and gift cards while shopping, and Shopkick lets me do that. Free

Walmart: I use the Walmart app to scan every receipt I get from Walmart to earn bucks with the savings catcher feature. Free

Instagram: I follow Jeep pages because I like Jeeps. Instagram seems to have endless photos of Jeeps. Free

myAT&T: since I have AT&T, and they can often be shysters, I use this app to make sure my data consumption looks right. Free

LongScreen: for making those abnormally long screenshots you often see in my tutorials. $3.99

iDB: to keep up with what’s being posted on iDownloadBlog. Free

CNN Politics: to keep up with what’s new in the 2016 presidential race. Free

There’s really nothing special about my Home screen layout, so I don’t expect to be the model for anyone’s Home screen desires, but it works for me. I’m pretty simple when it comes to looks and I never go over the top with these kinds of things.

My bland wallpaper

I used to be really into having cool abstract wallpapers, but I slowly realized that it was an endless and pointless search because I would always find something cooler week after week.

As a result, I just keep my wallpaper plain Jane stock. Until Apple releases a wallpaper that I totally can’t stand, I probably won’t even bother changing it.

Wrapping up

Like I said before, I’m a minimalist. I don’t really change a whole lot when it comes to my iPhone because I like things to stay as basic as possible. On the other hand, I’m a sucker for great apps, and that’s why you won’t find any junk on my Home screen.

What do you have on your Home screen? Send us an email and we might even feature you if it’s written decently enough to pass through editorial control.

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