T-Mobile’s Binge On gains support for Spotify, NBC and other content sources

T-Mobile binge On teaser 001

T-Mobile is expanding support for its data-free content streaming technology, dubbed Binge On, with the addition of Spotify, NBC, Tidal, Google Play Music, Radio Disney and other services, the wireless carrier said Tuesday.

Binge On permits T-Mobile subscribers to stream video and audio over its cellular data network, without eating into their monthly data allowances.

The latest expansion means that customers can now stream shows like “Saturday Night Live”, “Twin Star Exorcists”, “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” and more, without burning up their high speed data.

Some of the video streaming services joining Binge On today include:

  • Google Play Music
  • Great Big Story
  • NBC
  • Kiswe
  • Ligonier Ministries
  • Qello Concerts
  • Radio Disney
  • Univision
  • Univision Noticias
  • Spotify
  • Toon Goggles

Binge On launched in November 2015 and is available to T-Mobile customers on qualifying plans. More than 80 video providers currently support Binge On.

The services is completely free to customers and providers. The full list of current Binge On services can be found at t-mobile.com/bingeon.

Source: T-Mobile