CareKit goes live with four compatible health apps, with more to come


Apple’s open-source CareKit framework has gone live this morning with support for a handful of specialized health applications for the iPhone and iPad, including the Glow Nurture fertility tracker, Glow Baby maternity app, diabetes monitor One Drop and depression medication tracker Start.

TechCrunch reports that additional CareKit-driven apps will be released at a later stage. The source code for CareKit should be released on GitHub later today.

Unlike ResearchKit, another Apple framework, which allows hospitals and University’s a to build apps that collect data from participating users’ iPhones to advance medical research, CareKit makes it easier for developers to build health apps on iOS devices that allow users themselves to analyze their medical data in greater detail.

CareKit does that by employing a series of interactive modules: Care Card, a tracker for care plans and action items; Symptom and Measurement Tracker; Insight Dashboard; and Connect, which lets you share your information.

The framework also features integration with hospital records systems like Epic and Cerner.

According to FastCompany, developers get choose which of the aforesaid four modules they wish to implement in their CareKit apps.

Announced at the ‘Let us loop you in’ Apple media event last month, CareKit strives to provide insights that help people better understand their health, which may encourage them to take a more active role in their wellbeing, according to Apple.

Source: TechCrunch