Satechi Aluminum Stand review: a great charging dock for your iPhone or iPad mini

satechi stand iPhone mac

For the last several years, I have been using a Twelve South HiRise as the main charging dock for my iPhone on my desk. I just like the simplicity of it, in both design and function, but the Satechi Aluminum Charging Stand is a serious contender that I’ve had the pleasure to use for the past week or so.

Inside, I will share some thoughts and observations about this new dock’s design, look, and simple features.

A simple and elegant design

When it comes to charging docks, I like my accessories to be simple, elegant, but also match my existing setup. More specifically, I like my charging stands to match the color of my iMac to offer a consistent look across my desk.

Made of aluminum, and available in silver, space gray, or gold, the Satechi Aluminum Charging Stand definitely meets my basic esthetic requirements. Sitting next to my iMac on an otherwise very sterile desk area, this dock looks like it belongs to the rest of the Apple family of products.

Past the material and color choices, I think what I like the most about the Satechi Aluminum Charging Stand is its simple and unassuming design. I can image the folks at Satechi sitting down and wondering how they could make the most elegant, yet most simple dock for iPhone. This dock was their answer.

There is no unnecessary part here. Just the basics: a base, and a stand. Nothing else.

The minimalist in me was slightly disappointed to see the brand “Satechi” printed on the front of the base. But quite honestly, it is so subtle that you probably won’t even notice it. I know I don’t, especially depending on lighting conditions in the room that may make the print completely unnoticed.

An easy setup

satechi stand iPhone back 2

In the box come the base and stand, two little screws, and an allen wrench.

The initial installation is quick and simple, especially since the one tool needed is provided. Simply tighten the two screws at the bottom of the base, thread your own Lightning cable through the hole in the base, press the cable into the trough at the bottom of the base, and you’re good to go.

Not surprisingly, a Lightning cable is not included. Because of the design of the dock, only an official Lightning cable will fit inside the stand. You “may” be lucky with a third-party cable, but note it must exactly resemble a stock Lightning cable, or else it will simply not fit in.

A dock for your iPhone, iPad mini, and more…

satechi stand iphone silver

Once set up, you can use your Satechi Aluminum Charging Stand with any iPhone, iPad mini, and even with your Magic Mouse 2 or Magic Keyboard. I know, it sounds a little silly, and believe me, it looks silly too, but no doubt this is convenient not having to plug yet another cable to charge these two accessories.

To be completely frank, I did expect my iPhone to be a little wobbly when docked, mainly because there isn’t much to support it besides the Lightning cable itself, but my assumptions were wrong. Once docked, the iPhone is secured enough that you can easily tap on the screen to launch apps and what not without having to fear it will fall off.

Final thoughts

I’ve been sold on this dock the minute I was done setting it up.

As mentioned above, I’ve been a TwelveSouth HiRise user for years, but the Satechi stand got me on its even simpler design, devoid of any unnecessary parts.

At $24.99 on Amazon, I think the Satechi Aluminum Charging Stand is fairly priced, and I have no problem recommending it to anyone looking for a charging dock for iPhone or iPad mini.