Apple’s official recycling program wallpapers

Apple recycling program wallpaper splash

During the March keynote, Apple emphasized the company’s commitment to reducing its impact on the environment, even including a video of their Liam robot, which carefully takes apart recycled iPhones. Recently, Apple also bolstered their in-store trade-in program, allowing users to bring in older devices for upgrades, receiving credit for their purchase.

As we approach Earth Day, Apple is offering exclusive wallpapers for customers who decide to trade-in their device. Luckily, we can all enjoy their customized wallpapers, as they are hosted on a publicly accessible Apple website via Step inside to get your hands on these new Apple exclusive wallpapers, including versions for the iPhone SE.

Apple recycling wallpapers

According to the Apple site, the following wallpapers were created by “world renowned graphic artist Anthony Burrill.”

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Download “Nature in Balance:” 

iPad Pro | iPad | iPhone 6s Plus | iPhone 6s | iPhone SE


Download “Nature in Harmony:”

iPad Pro | iPad | iPhone 6s Plus | iPhone 6s | iPhone SE


Download “Nature in Us:”

iPad Pro | iPad | iPhone 6s Plus | iPhone 6s | iPhone SE

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