How to stop your iPad and other devices from ringing when you get a call on your iPhone

This short tutorial shows you how to fine-tune or stop your iPad or Mac from ringing every time your iPhone receives a phone or FaceTime call.

iPhone call ringing on iPad

The good and the bad

Incoming iPhone calls ringing on iPad, Mac, and other iPhone is part of the Continuity feature, and in most cases, it’s really helpful.

But if you own several Apple devices, the situation can quickly escalate, and you end up having your iPhone, two iPads, and even your Mac ring at the same time.

For some, this can be incredibly useful, but for others, it just creates an array of unwanted notifications and multiple devices ringing at once. It can get really annoying if you have all of your devices sitting around the same desk when you get a call because it sounds like a phone call symphony.

Stop your iPhone calls from ringing on iPad and Mac

  1. Launch the Settings app on your main iPhone.
  2. Tap Phone.
  3. Hit Calls on Other Devices.
  4. Here, you can turn off the switch for Allow Calls on Other Devices to disable this feature entirely.
  5. Or, you can just disable calls on selected devices by switching them off under the Allow Calls On heading.
Allow Calls on Other Devices in iPhone settings

About FaceTime calls

FaceTime video and audio calls are separate from cellular phone calls discussed above.

If someone tries to FaceTime you, or contact you with FaceTime Audio, then all of your devices connected to the Apple ID may go off simultaneously in a similar fashion to what we have been talking about. To fix this, simply sign out of FaceTime on the devices that you don’t intend to use FaceTime on, and they’ll stop ringing. Here’s how to do this.

On iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch the Settings app on the device you don’t want to receive FaceTime calls on.
  2. Tap FaceTime.
  3. Turn off the FaceTime switch to disable FaceTime calls on this particular device.
  4. Alternatively, you can also un-check any added phone numbers or email addresses under the ‘You Can Be Reached By FaceTime At‘ list. After this, if someone FaceTimes on that unselected phone number or email address, this device won’t ring.
Disable FaceTime on iOS device

On Mac

  1. Launch the FaceTime app on your Mac, and from the menu car, click FaceTime > Settings or Preferences.
  2. From the window that pops up, click the Sign Out button to sign out of FaceTime.
  3. You can also edit the ‘You can be reached for FaceTime at‘ list so that the numbers and email addresses associated with your iPhone are deselected. This will keep your Mac from ringing when you receive a FaceTime call on your iPhone.
Sign Out of Facetime on Mac

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