A compilation of iPhone 7 concept renderings

iPhone 7 concept image 001

We’re still more than six months away from the official introduction of Apple’s next iPhone, meaning substantial leaks probably won’t appear until late summer. That’s not stopping 3D artists from imagining the iPhone 7 and its features.

We are being tipped about iPhone 7 concepts almost on a daily basis, but most of the concepts we review are too outrageous or futuristic to showcase on iDB.

Some of them are, however, quite plausible, if not intriguing. My colleague Andrew has put together a nice video compilation of the top five iPhone 7 concept renderings that we think you might like. 

Here’s Andrew’s video so make sure to watch it in its entirety before joining us in the comment section below.

How’s this for food for thought?

Here are the links to webpages that provide additional images and videos showcasing these artists’ renditions of the iPhone 7:

What’s your favorite iPhone 7 rendering, and why?