Jailbreak tweaks of the week: Meteor, QuickClear, and more…

Tweaks of the week

Another Sunday, another opportunity to show you what’s new in Cydia for the week!

Ranging from free to paid, this week’s jailbreak tweak releases in Cydia have been few and far in between; that is, until the Updates tab blew up over the weekend with tons of new releases. Still, there have been some noteworthy releases that we think some jailbreakers will get excited about; others will improve security, and some are even utilitarian.

In this roundup, we’ll show you everything that’s new in Cydia this week, and we’ll also be pointing out our favorite releases.

Our favorite releases of the week

Meteor – $1.99

Meteor Screenshot

Meteor is my favorite jailbreak tweak release this week; it allows you to see your weather information right from the Weather app’s icon from the Home screen. The app icon will show the temperature outside, as well as the weather conditions.

You can configure the update interval so this tweak is as battery-friendly as you’d like it to be, and you can even have Weather information shown in the Status Bar.

For more information about how Meteor works and the options you can configure to make it work how you’d like it to, you can check out our full review.

QuickClear – Free

quickclear review featured image

QuickClear is another great jailbreak tweak that was launched this week that makes it really easy to clear any notification badges you might have on apps with a 3D Touch gesture. From the Quick Actions menu, this tweak lets the user remove those badges with a single tap of a button.

I find that this implementation is much less intrusive than BadgeCleaner, and it’s well-built to suit the 3D Touch menu. Since 3D Touch only appears when you invoke it, it’s not going to bug you every time you launch the app like BadgeCleaner would.

For more information on the tweak, we’d suggest hitting up our full review where you can learn more about how it works.

The rest

AppSort: Lets you sort your Home screen icons based on criteria (free – video)

AppSwitcher7: Ports the iOS 7 & 8 App Switcher to iOS 9 (free – review)

AppSwitcherList: Converts the App Switcher to list view (free)

BadgeCleaner: Shows a badge clear menu when you launch apps (free – review)

BrickDate: Prevents your date from being set back to 1970 and bricking your device (free)

Bunny: Adds 3D Touch gestures to many third-party messaging apps (free)

ByeShutterSound: Disables the shutter sound when taking photos with the Camera app (free)

Cabbage: Lets you add Music app songs to the music queue with a 3D Touch gesture (free)

Carrot: Adds shuffle and repeat toggles to the Lock screen and Control Center (free)

FPSCounter: Measures the frames per second in any app you use (free)

HOPP’N: Enables 3D Touch for Home screen actions (free)

Keyhook: Lets you control your Home screen with a Bluetooth keyboard ($1.99 – video)

MapsAllCountries for iOS 9: Unlocks Maps app navigation in unsupported countries (free)

MiNotifier: A notification forwarder for Mi Band users ($0.99)

NoTrackpadDelay: Removes delay normally experienced with the keyboard trackpad (Free)

Peek-a-Boo: Enables Peek and Pop on older iOS devices (free)

QuickAlarm: Allows 3D Touch on an the Clock app icon to toggle alarms on or off (free)

SPTouch for iOS 9: A multi-purpose virtual button for multitasking and more (free)

SwitchService: Tap and hold the Messages app send button to switch between iMessage & SMS (free – review)

If you missed last week’s jailbreak tweaks of the week roundup, you can still read it to ensure you don’t miss any of the best jailbreak tweaks that have been released recently.

What were your favorite jailbreak tweak releases this week? Share in the comments below.